Monday, March 3, 2014

weather and

There is not much worse ( in my little world ) then being stuck inside with dogs while it is 20 degrees outside covered with ice and sleet.  The ball boy still wants to play ball.  The others do not want to sleep 24-7.   Threw bird food out in the front and back on top of the frozen sleet.  It is being enjoyed by a wide variety of birds - I just love looking at cardinals.   I found a dead frozen black spider on the back porch.  I held no funeral; instead I stomped on it discovering it was one frozen hard rock spider.  
Our plum tree was blooming.   The 20 degrees of frozen probably has done away with our crop.  For that I am sad not just for me, but for the little birds that seem to enjoy grabbing a bite of purple plum.  Maybe next year things will be better.
Our water sprinkler is in working order.  I went out Sunday and drained the pump and as much of the water lines as I could.  I fear it was a wasted effort.  20 degrees in March!!!  It is time to move further south.
enough of the whine.
see ya later.

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