Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My trip to the scope man

I am going to do this as a "running" post.  Saving it to be posted after things have developed.

6:35 p.m.   I have just consumed my liquid.   I am timing the period before I must journey into the reading room.   The doctor has given me two  6 ounce bottles to drink.   Number one was just finished.  I put it into  the plastic glass - provided with the process - put another 16 oz of Sprite into the glass.   I was able to drink it down in about 3 massive swallows.   Now I sit and wait.   It will cleanse me completely.   The last time I had to do this, about 10 yrs back,  I had maybe a gallon of the stuff to drink - prolonged over several hours.
Apparently studious experimental types have discovered a way to wipe my innards clean with just the one glass full.   I sit and wait.   I have a 2nd six ounce treat to be finished off at 6 a.m. tomorrow.  Sitting.   Waiting. Waiting.

7:35  almost to the exact one hour after drinking the slime, the urge hit.   Urges continued to hit for an hour and a half - such a pleasant way to end a day.

5:45 a..m. the next morn.   Don't know how I woke without help at this ungodly hour.  I have had my 2nd bottle of goop and am sitting here writing.  Outside the window - not far away - two different owls are talking back and forth.   They do a  hoo-hoooooo  hoo hoo.  One recites and the other responds in a slightly lower voice.   I expect to leave this correspondence in just one moment.  After that, all other writings will probably be completed this evening.
I am to check in at 10 a.m.

I started this posting a couple of weeks ago.  Entitled or grouped under "entertainment."  That was 2 weeks ago.  Finished the process.  It was not entertaining.   Had a terrible time.  Doc says nothing is wrong with me.  I did my check in at 10; Navarro Regional Hospital.  Met a nice lady or two at the check-in.  A nice ole gent led me to my port of call.   I dressed properly, met several doctors and nurses - and, I think, one trainee - who was dressed in all pink while the others looked a lot older.  She put the needle in my right hand for the drip and knock-out juice.  I tried to talk nice to her explaining that I wouldn't watch and asked if she minded if I cried when she stuck me.  She was so involved with that need and the larger nurse watching, never cracked a smile.

Eventually I was rolled out to a small room and rolled over.  From that point, who knows what happened.  We left the room - have not eaten in over 24 hours - went to the local Sirloin Stockade buffet and consumed.  Over and done.  They told me to not do any business or whatever for 24 hours.   I think I was still under the whammeee of the drug.   One of these days, I suppose my wife will explain to me what all those papers were I signed as I was eating.

this blug is over and done.   I hear that my older bro is going under the scope in the near future.  I wish him well and hope "EVERYTHING COMES OUT ALRIGHT!"

p.s. My favorite thing of the day:
Nurse: Are you taking any medicine other than aspirin?
Me: No, other than Diet Coke.
Nurse: What? You are allergic to Diet Coke?
I had to stop and explain what I said.      Sigh.

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