Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Local Newspaper

Sometimes I am motivated to post;  sometimes I am not motivated to post; sometimes I am just not motivated.

The Corsicana Daily Sun - a wonderful paper  (some will read as truth; others will read as sarcasm - the choice will be yours)...the paper had a photo last Friday of the Corsicana H.S. candidates for Homecoming Queen, King, Prince, Princess, Head Bubba and Bubbarina - I am sure they have a name for that.  Don't know it.  Don't care to know.  Already too much stuff in my brain to use anyway.

What I find interesting is the first names of the contestants - and they have a million.  What happened to the good ole days when there were 3 guys and 3 dolls?  They have 20 in the newspaper photo.  I am going to recite all of their first names.  That is what I enjoy.  Here we go:
Will, Trey, Breyon, Alonzo, Dean, Zack, Adrian, Holden, Pedro, Bobby, Cassidy, Bridgett, Autumn, Tabitha, Lauren, Shamyron, Isidra, Tia, Fatima, and Kelsey.   Where are the Mikes? the Toms?  the Harrys? the Jims?  the Marys?  the Joans?  and yes, the Brendas?  Times are a-changing.

While I am perusing the newspaper, the article underneath the Royalty (above) is a listing of 20 people:  Grand Jury indicts 20 Thursday.  It lists names and offenses.  We had the robberies, the hitting of a cop, the theft by check, aggravated assaults, possessions, etc.  They have different first names:  Lisa, Joel, Juan, Lindsey, Ismael, Amelio, Sean, Dena, Jacob etc.  2 Jameseseses.  My favorite is someone named  Echo Hooks.   There must be a story connected with that name.

Moving on:  Politics .... not really, but yes - in the paper.  Apparently we are having a heated election for sheriff.  A guy named John Barlow is running against Elmer Tanner.  Not that it matters, but it seems to me that anyone named Elmer will be better Sheriff than a John.... just take that anyway you want.

You really want to read that article.  John wrote a 599-word post addressed as an open letter to Elmer and "his gang of thugs."Yes, he wrote it on facebook.   599 words.  Who counted them?  Someone needs a better hobby.   John called Elmer a "DUMB-@%%"    I quoted from the paper.    He was complaining that his signs were being stolen (eventually asked by paper - seems 3 or 4 signs)  His rant must have been good.   His rant closing was  (off color warning)   all caps, of course.   "THIS IS FOR YOU, YOUR THUGS, AND THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SO STUPID THAT THEY WRITE STUPID COMMENTS ABOUT THIS ARTICLE.  (F**K YOU)"

132 Friends on facebook he has.  I'm thinkin' one of those may not be a true friend.  The local police chief G.M. Cox said "..this kind of posting is below what I would expect a a man who wants to serve as sheriff."

I have probably spent enough time with that issue of the paper.  The local paper is always good for a bit of fun.

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