Thursday, June 21, 2012

Memo App musings

This is one of those post taken from my memo app on my phone.  I go places or see something & write it on the memo section.  Many times I don't remember what the cryptic note is telling me.  You'll see - mostly just little quips about very little.
             Last week we had to make a trip to Waxahachie.  We didn't "have" to.  We chose to go to Waxa - my son Roger calls it Wax-A- hachet (probably some sort of rebellion at his age).  I took the Marauder in locally to get it inspected and the oil changed.  I should have checked before I went.  The front tires had wire sticking out on the inside - both tires.  Not good.   Need new tires.  Guy would not issue sticker.
             In one of my more brilliant wastes of cash, 3 years ago I signed up for a front end alignment at National Tire and Battery in Waxahachie.  They had a deal:  3 years of alignments for $139.99 or some such worthless number.  I signed up.  Car needed to be aligned & it all seemed to equal out.  Since that date, I used the "free" alignment once.  So that would be 2 times total.  In March I noticed a bit of wear on the front tires, not bad, just wear.  Was in Waxa and had the things worked on.  That was #3.
             The deal was set to expire on June 22nd of this year.  Back to the inspection.  If the tires were worn - needed new tires - just chose to go up there to get tires and have one final alignment.  Now you see why I needed to go to Waxahachet?   (That took too long to explain.)   I might mention that Waxa has a quilt store that my wife loves.   Did tires - quilt store - alignment - time to eat lunch - which brings me BACK to the phone memo app.
             One of our places to go eat is Ryans.  it is a buffet - you might say a Golden Corral look alike.   Now the wife prefers our Sirloin Stockade because they have meatloaf or Golden Corral because they have the chocolate fountain - have you read my previous post about rolls from Ryans?   We walked into Ryans at 12:55 to eat.   There was a line and it was a week day.  What?   We figured it out.  These were all there to eat together and were waiting for others to arrive - a sort of festival of old folks waiting and eating together in bliss.
             A lady in front of us said, "She says her register won't work it until it is exactly 1  o'clock and that is still another 2 minutes."  "My watch," she continued, " already has one on it."   The register girl looked up sympathetically.   What?  They have a cash register that won't work till 1?  That makes no sense at all.  Much befuddlement later we understand.  
             These are all seniors - they don't know each other at all - they are all waiting till one exactly to go through the line - why?  -  because at Ryans, seniors get free tea between 1 and 3.   So, we backed off and waited too.  Free Tea is NOT to be sneezed at  lightly.    We made it through at 1:05, ate, got the extra roll, and moved out.
           Speaking of Natl. Tire and Battery.  My Marauder takes special tires.  The front tires are a different size than the back ones. . . back are wider for better racing.  These tires, naturally are more expensive.  The man tried to direct me to a cheaper tire:  Sumitomo tires.  The also have Yokohama tires.  Hmmm.  I asked about the sumitomo - turns out they are house brand.  I went something like "uh huh"  and he immediately went off on how they had had some problems in the past but are just fine now.  That certainly gave me confidence.   Chose the BF Goodrich overpriced tire instead.
           next memo:   Cedar. Crest.    I don't have the slightest idea what that means.
             Was out and about - might have been the same above trip.   I saw some young kids with a mama type and a papa type doing stuff.  They all had on a brown and yellow T-shirt - I thought "baseball team."   The mama turned and I read the name of the team.                 The Tators            Yep, the tators.  I could play on that team.
           Think I mentioned this to someone - remember the solar eclipse last month?  I did hear a female radio announcer - news type - who made a remark about "the solar eclispe tonight."   Should go without comment.
                 Last one for this post:   My son Roger lives in Lubbock on a street with a clu-de-sac.  Every Christmas he and a few of his neighbors light their houses - they have that computer program which makes the lights turn on and off with the music.   As the music gets louder, the bulbs can get brighter.  It is quite a show.  Cars line the street for 2 to 3 weeks to see the lights.
                 I may have mentioned that my daughter Laura has been through all the process to become a minister in the Methodist Church.  She has been appointed as the preacher for the First United Methodist Church in Cisco, TX.  Her first sermon was on Father's Day.   She and her husband Tom are so excited - every time they call they have to go on and on about how great Cisco is - the people are great - the town is excellent - 
               I had this thought that Laura should did deep into her pocket - light the church or surrounding area and do the Christmas light thing that Roger has.  He could program her computer.  This would be the talk of Cisco.   Now Rog does some secular Christmas music - "Grandma got run over by a reindeer" as an example.  This probably would be wrong for a church.   It was a thought I had.  I put it in the memo app.   Now it will be  erased.  All done.
              see ya guys soon.
mtz  or  m3   or  mm  or  dumbhead - take your choice.

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