Monday, June 18, 2012

Rolls & Loafs

Once in a while we make it to Waxahachie (Roger calls it Wax-A-Hachet) for different reasons. Waxa has better shopping than Corsicana and a Quilt store. Depending upon the day and time we will eat at Ryans (A Golden Corral lookalike).
Every buffet has its own little bits / traditions. If you don't stop the waitress at Ryans, she will drop fresh rolls on your table. Sometimes I tell her "no rolls" and she brings them anyway. They have nice yummy rolls. I feel guilty about leaving good rolls on the table, so I will wrap them up in napkins and stuff them in the wife's purse. The plan: she can have a roll tomorrow.
Back up to last year. We brought a roll home in her purse. By the time we got home we didn't remember the roll. Fast forward to the next morning. My wife wakes and rolls (cute word) out of bed. There at her feet are shredded napkins and an opened purse. The only dog we can blame was Liesl. She had found the roll during the long night and feasted. They are yummy, remember?
A few months later - ate at Ryans - lady brought rolls - took one home - wife & I forgot about it - in the middle of the night - the purse was hit again - once again it just HAD to be Liesl. That girl can open a zipper in the dark. Smart Dog.
Sunday was Father's Day. 20 some miles south of here is the town of Fairfield. There is a restaurant on I-45 names SAMS. They run a buffet and have great BBQ, ham, beef, & chicken. Sam's also has a menu - don't use it...buffet works just fine.
Sam's has a bit where the waitress brings you a wooden board with a small loaf of bread for the table. They use to give you a choice bread or corn bread. The last two times, we had no choice. It is a little loaf of bread that really has a great flavor.
We ate and had a half loaf of the bread left....can you tell where I am going with this? Wrapped that bread up, put in her purse, zipped up, and came on home. Yes, my wife walked into our house, forgot the bread was in the purse, put the purse on the floor beside the bed, and went about her biz.
It is my wife's bedtime. She just came in here and got me. On the floor, beside the bed, a torn-to-shreds napkin, an unzipped purse, and no half a loaf of bread. Once again, I can account for the boy dogs all day and Greta slept the day through in the sewing room. It can only be Liesl. I might add she did not finish her supper tonight.
When asked if she did this....Liesl got real close to the ground, turned he back on us and her little tail started moving really fast. She crawled that-a-way.
The saga continues.

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