Thursday, November 10, 2022


Thursday, trash out day

Just nonsense.  Spent the first part of the week wondering at the political process.  It was wandering.  Of course, as we all should know, I could care less what your political opinions are unless they coincide with mine.  Yes, my political opinions are the only ones that count.  I am willing to share my political brilliance if asked.  Spoiler alert:  if you are a democrat, don't ask.

This morning's today show had Bobby Flay giving his chicken parmesan recipe.  We have been discussing this very dish off and on for a week.  I hit record on the tv box.  Next, I used my phone to find the recipe from Bobby Flay - he does have a charming personality.  I found one on phone which had a print sign.  Loped over to computer room and hit the print button.  Such a dreamer I yam.  It didn't work.  It tried to send the recipe to some unknown source by FAX,  

Turned on big computer (desktop, not laptop -my lap isn't big or stable enough).  After waiting patiently  for the machine to function, I dug around and found several entries under Google for this delight.  Printing was another thing.  One "print" button sent me to another website where they wanted all of my personal info and a fee to register.  


Finally found a recipe with a proper print button.  Nothing printed and computer froze up.  When it freezes, I never know if it is me or AOL messing up.  I do have a tendency to think it is AOL.  I hit Cntl - Alt - Delete.  Rebooted the machine.  Meanwhile, the spouse and I made it to the kitchen for a beautiful lunch of leftovers.  It's a dirty job; but, somebody has to do it.

With Computer re-booted, I opened the printer app and deleted everything in the queue.  Nothing there since machine had re-booted.  Found a setting in Printer App and did some rearranging of preferences.

Back to Google.  Found the recipe.  Printed and stapled.  Am ready to go.  I hope it was worth the effort.


Son texted last night.  They had to put one of their dachshunds to sleep last night.  MAX.   He was a good boy.  Long legged - long nose - nice mutt.  It made me really sad and depressed.  We have gone through that much too often  Had I been smart years ago, we would have had parrots and turtles instead of dogs.  Their life span is longer than mine.  Let my children or Grand Girls mess with it.


I'm having a marijuana issue.   The news says that 12 states have legalized the leaf.  I just don't understand the why.  Here we are - daily - fussing about drunks, alcoholics, fried brains - and, they add marijuana to the mix.  I don't get it.  I just don't get it.

Potheads!!!  They will be more responsible than beer drinkers.  It doesn't make sense.


Today, I have had 3 phone calls wanting to buy my rent house in Waxahachie.  Yesterday and the day before ???  same thing.  I get calls daily and snail mail daily wanting to buy Waxa.  For a while, I use to say something like, "Send me a check for half mil, and it's yours."  Now, I just tell them how many calls I've had this week.  

It is similar to when we had a hail storm last spring.  Starting at 7 a.m. the next morning, we had hundreds of shingle salesmen ringing our door bell.  They just kept comin' and comin' for over a month.  I finally got a roofer's sign and planted in the front yard.  I heard this would deter salesmen.   It didn't.

And, it is like the guys who are pushing solar panels for your roof.  These guys don't know anything about the money - just certain misleading facts - no cost to the home owner - new policy:  one low price - it never stops.  Back to the real estate thing.......

OPINION: These home buyers / folks are going to a weekend seminar, paying good money, and hearing how some slick talking feller made a million dollars.  They sit in awe.  Monday rolls around, and they begin searching for houses without the "Homestead" exemption.   "Grab the phone Mrytle, I just found another hot lead."  Surely someone has made a score somewhere.

Take you back to the 70s when lovable Jimmy Carter was in office.  Inflation soared (just like today), gasoline went sky high (just like today) and bad people in other countries began to take advantage of a weak president (just like today).  I quit teaching and earned my real estate broker's license.  My partner and I would find homes for sale by owner (FSBO).  We'd make an appointment - look the house over -  make an offer on the house.  Several took us up on the offer.    Buy the house, fix it a bit, and resale for a profit.   Good plan.   I just wish my partner hadn't been a slick talking feller.

The houses we bought had low interest rates on them.  With assistance from a certain bank, we would buy and refinance at the 16+ % interest rate and help the bank unload its low interest notes.  It was a good plan until people quit buying houses.  The plan is still good.  But you have to know "when to fold and when to hold 'em."    Thus, endeth my lecture.   QUIT CALLING ME!  HALF MIL OR NADA.


Last night, my cousin Red called me rather late.  (RED:  guess his hair color)  

Red, (I knew him by another name in years past) is getting up there in years like me.  I'd suppose that he is almost 80.  He has been getting a facebook messenger thing from my wife.  Something like: "Why don't you answer me?"  So forth.  Well, folks, my wife doesn't do messenger.  Someone has made a connection.   I told Red to ignore and block the messages, cause my wife don't do dat stuff.  Someone has found a way to do this scam.  Suppose I should go online and try to warn some folks.  Or not.


{The following contains a news item and an outright lie, by me.}

Local paper announce that there will be a solar eclipse in April of 2024 at about 1:30  right here in the center part of Texas.  It will last for a while.  Based upon other things from the past, I believe we will have many folks visiting our area for the sight.   It could be fun.    

(now for lie)  When Beto O'Roarke heard this -- April, 2024 at 1:30 - he asked, "A.M. or P.M.?"

Speaking of Beto.

I hope he goes away.  El Paso:  this is your fault.

I saw a cartoon (don't know who wrote it) which shows Beto standing at the Louisiana State Line with a sign:   "Hello, Louisiana, I am Beteaux O'Roarke."  I'd give credit to the author if I knew it.  Please don't sue me.


All Hades just broke out here at my house.  The Amazon truck pulled up out front and my lovely dog Sadie just let loose with some expletives that I didn't know she knew.  Good watch dog.

Thunk I'll quit for now.

take care and remember to hug your dog (or cat).  You never know when you'll lose one of them.


Tuesday, November 8, 2022




(special thanks to bro-in-law Ernie for this message)

Friday, November 4, 2022

Revisit 82 is just 28 spelled backwards


Today - my 82nd birthday.    Born about 12:05 at night.   

I understand my brother Jim (16 months old) was standing in his crib watching when it happened.  Yes, I was born at home, not a hospital --   Tecumseh, Oklahoma

My mom was the high school band director at the time.

I'm sure there is more to the story, but I wasn't paying attention.  Some guy kept hitting me on my back.  


Monday, October 31, 2022

Hallowed Weenie

 This was a good night, Halloween 2022.

We lived on Richland-Chambers lake just east of Corsicana for about 14 years  --  the last house on the left with a nice cul-de-sac.  For 14 years, I shopped for candy, and piled it by the front door ready and waiting for the mass of ghosts and goblins to arrive.  During the entire 14 years, we had zero, zip, nada, 0 trick or treaters.  After a few years, my wife would fuss at me for buying candy.  I bought it on the QT and waited.  I was the Linus waiting in the pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin to appear.


14 years

Moved to Salado - the Amity development  (yes, Amity, not Amityville).  This is a nice area with large lots and affordable houses - well, most don't sell for half million or so.  Quiet.  Good yards.  People out walking their dogs.  Most houses have an unattached steel shed - mine is about 20' x 30'.  I really like the neighborhood - or most of it anyway.

Since daughter Christine became part of our household, life has taken on a different slant at times.  She has been living in a duplex with a small yard and somewhat scary neighborhood.  For 15 years or so, she has seen Halloween come and go.  Nobody did the trick or treat thing.  Would you send your kid out where the neighbors camp out in their front yards daily (nightly) eating and drinking and playing loud music of unknown origin?

Today - here she is in a completely different environment.  I bought an enormous package of candy at Walmart - 350 pieces of snickers, M&Ms, 3 musketeers -- you know the company.  We didn't give away any trash candy.

Christine, did some decorating outside.  We moved a couple of chairs to the front porch area.  All lights were turned on.  The candy was poured into a large plastic bowl. She found scary music to play over a speaker.  Then, at 6 p.m. we moved to the front area and waited.  Nothing.  6:05 silence.   About 6:10 a family of 4 walked by.  They were our first.   Another 3 came in a couple more minutes.  It is still light outside.

All of a sudden the flow began.  WHO LET THE GHOULS OUT?   Little kids, Big kids, tiny babies in the arms of a mother, an entire family dressed as the Addams family, dinosaurs, ninja fighters, clowns, Disney, princess darling, characters from TV and Movies that I have never seen, a group of older boys who stopped across the street and sang Christmas carols - yes, a serenade, lighted golf carts loaded with urchins.   I cannot describe all that came to our house. 

I had given my daughter instructions to give each kid 2 pieces of candy.  It was a good thing.  We gave away 227 pieces of candy.  Next year, I'm buying 2 bags of good candy and giving each person more.

It was a fun evening.  We stopped at 7:30 in the dark with nobody in sight.  For a while I thought I might have to go inside and break into my wife's secret stash of Snickers.  In all of my career, I have NEVER seen this much traffic of monsters and creatures on a Halloween night.

I'll say it again.

It was a fun night.

M3, The Candy Man

Monday, October 24, 2022

Every new week is "new" (different)

It seems that each week is arriving at a much faster rate.  This is almost a cliche.  The older you get, the faster the years fly by.  It may not be for everyone, but for me - t'is true.  I suppose a young guy sitting on death row might have a different interpretation.  For me - things are going by really fast.  Do you remember how long it took for Christmas or your birthday to arrive when you were younger?  Not  anymore Charlie.

I just finished up the radiation treatments when we were thrown into my wife's cataract surgery.  (As I have noted before, it should be called Cadillac Surgery $$$).  A week ago Tuesday, I took her to the Pavilion (Baylor Scott & White eye place) for surgery.  They told us to arrive at 9:50 - - no earlier, just 9:50.  We did.  Checked in and found our special room.  She had to wear a hospital gown only on her top half.  Blue jeans were fine for the remainder - AND - I liked this one - she had to wear her shoes to surgery.  Yep.  Shoes.  Why?  They don't want her bending over to put on the shoes especially if it makes her head go lower than the heart.  Who'd a thunk?

We were hardly in the room when the process began.  About 10:20, she was rolled down the hall while I stayed in the room to wait.  The nurse gave me the remote control: "Husbands always want the remote."  I had brought a couple magazines and a Sudoku paperback to keep busy.  10:20 rolled out  - by 11:05 she was rolled back into the room,  wide awake and ready to go.  Mind boggling.  

They had put lots of drops in the eyes so she couldn't see clearly.  Nurse:  "That will go away by afternoon."   Wrong.   All afternoon and evening all I heard was something like, "I can't see."  It pleasured me when she went to bed.

Morning blossomed, and it was:  "I can see. I can see."  She went from one thing to another pointing out what she could see  -- a man on his lawn 2 blocks away --  the house numbers on the house across the street.   Marvelous.  Later that day, back to the doctor for a check over we traveled.  He thought she was doing fine except she had pressure in her eye.  10 ro 20% of people have pressure after surgery.   I didn't watch.  He used some machine up against the eye.  I'm guessing he poked a little hole in the eye to let off pressure.  Yes, I didn't watch.

Here's another bit:  Doc said that people normally have eyes that are size 23 --  I do  suppose that is MM.  whatever.  Her eyes are size 21.  He said that she had very little eyes.  I held my tongue and said nothing about "beady little eyes."  Probably helped save my life at the time.

For the past week:  I put eye drops in her eyes 4 times a day.   Two different prescriptions RX, 4 times a day.  Later this week it goes to 1 prescription 4 times daily.  She has these clear plastic big lenses that are taped over her eyes at night.  It keeps her from rubbing the eyes during the middle of the night.  Frankly, this was a tough battle to fight.  You must wear the lenses overnight.  No argument.  Wear the lenses over night.   


Done.  another appt later this week; then, a final appt. in a month to check if she will need glasses - reading whatever.  I'm glad it is over and the eye drops are nearing their conclusion.   

I'm next though.  Probably, this time next year, he will do my eyes.  I like this guy.  Personable, knowledgeable, no indecisions, and good at answering questions.              Dr. Mark Morgan.  

Now we move quickly into whatever comes next.  There will be something in the near future.  What?  

Mtz on the back porch enjoying the cooler weather.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Eyes have it

 After many months of waiting (last April), my wife went in today and had her eyes scanned in anticipation of her (I like to say) Cadillac surgery.  When you can't spell a certain word, find one that is close and use it.  Remember to smile.

Considering how much this surgery may cost - BMW surgery may be a better title.  I would have said Lambogeenee Surgery if I knew how to spell that word.  Of course, my puter wants to help me with the spelling.  But, I don't care.  If you care, look it up.

After looking at the little bright light in the doctor's office and being scanned, we went to another building where different docs listened to her heart.  The logic:  When she has "Cadillac" surgery, if something should go wrong, they can say they checked my wife over and she was okay.  If that isn't close to a run-on sentence, I'm not working hard enough.

Outside one of the waiting rooms, we asked a nurse type person if they had a good waiting room.  I was just being full of nonsense.  

She stopped and said, "No, it's not.  It doesn't have whiskey."   We all chuckled.   I love it when people can do their job and still keep their tongue in the cheek.

After all of the testing, a stop was made at the Golden Corral.  In the past 2 weeks we have eaten at a couple fast food places.  The Golden Corral was within a dollar of each.  At the G.C. you get real food and a salad.  You want a burger?  They gots it.  You want meat loaf?  Buckle up your silver belt and call me Cowboy.  They gots that too.  Fried fish & hushpuppies - black eye peas - chicken, fried with too much crust - and sweets galore.  I once knew a dancer by that name:  Pretty little Sweets Galore.  Quite a dancer.

Walking across one of the doctor parking lots today, we passed a rusting white mini-van. . . bumper sticker on the back window:   My dachshund is smarter than your Honor Student.  I believe that says it all.  Our Sadie is way above average.

love ya,


Sunday, September 25, 2022

A Rock

 I was doing just fine until she handed it to me ...


This past Friday was my last Radiation visit.  Radiation deserves to be capitalized here.  I don't know how Radiation works or in my case at this time - if it does works.  Friday was my 42nd trip to Baylor Scott & White Oncology Radiation - desk XT - Nine weeks it has been.

Here is how it works.  You find a place to park out back and waddle up to the building.  The glass doors slide open admitting  you to a foyer with appropriate masks.  Put on the mask (sigh).  Walk through another sliding glass door and turn right.  A very nice lady - receptionist if you will - greets you with an appropriate greeting.  She asks if you have any new covid symptoms.  I try to beat her to the question explaining that I have no new diseases at this time.  For some reason that seems to bring a chuckle.  There are two ladies at this "kiosk" - you get one or the other.  Both are sweeter than pecan pie.

[ Side Bar:   Leaving Thursday, I stopped at this desk to ask a question.  I notice our young lady had a painted rock on her desk area.  I started to point at it and comment - I like painted rocks - and my hand grazed her pictures lined up beside the pretty rock.  I set off a clatter of disorder.  Things calmed, and I told her that I liked her rock.  For such a simple mission, I caused such a loud commotion. ] 

Once checked in, you sit and wait.  The room has various folks - sitting - waiting - nobody really talks.   Some I recognize from previous visits; but, there are always new people waiting.   If a nurse comes out and calls a name, that person arises and follows.  If the person is accompanied by 2 or more others, it must be their first time to see the doctor.  Everyone wants to hear what the doctor has to say.  I know when I first arrived months ago, my family went to the back room with me and met the doc.  I'm guessing it is a tradition for scared people and their scared families.  

In my case, I await the "Rad Tech" to come for me.  "Mr. Metze," is called; I walk through the door;  pleasant greetings and small talks are exchanged as we walk down the long hallway; my birth date is requested and checked on the computer --- "11 - 4 - 40," I respond.   Into the ambient lit room I go - my small backpack is deposited on an awaiting chair - and, I climb upon my metal table which has been covered with a white cloth.  

A block is placed between my feet as they are tied down.  A longer block of wood is slid under my knees.  A small wood block awaits my head - yes, a head rest for a block head if you will.  Next, a small white cloth is placed over my stomach - I affectionately calls this my "modesty blanket."  I slide my hands under the cloth and lower my shorts.  This exposes me to the machine. Finally, a small 6 inch round hoop is given to me to hold.  It helps me keep my hands planted on the chest, out of the way.

The young ladies {RadTechs} adjust the machine and the table before leaving out a door which is slid shut. The rest is just staying still as the big ole white machine rotates over me.  The machine first checks to see if I have gas in the intestines - if so, back the young ladies come and a tube is used to remove the gas - not my favorite thing.  This happened 3 times in my 42 days of zapping.

Obviously, when completed, the process is done in reverse.  The young lady walks in and says, "All through."  Never fails.  I dress; speak a departing salutation; and, yes, all through.   Tomorrow comes - same thing.

**On Thursdays, as I leave, the doctor and I discuss how it is going.  It is always going okay.

**On Mondays, before I leave the girls remark my tattoos with a big pen.  Tattoos are explained in a previous message.

But, on this last day, Friday, after I was zapped; I met with the doctor's great nurse who explains what happens next.  She & I walked out to the lobby to be greeted by my wife - my daughter Laura & her husband Tom - and a small collection of other nurses and staff who have followed to watch me ...


A large bell hangs on the wall.  The message says something about ringing the bell 3 times to signify one has completed his treatment.  With Laura's camera whirling and to the applause of the gathering, I RANG THE BELL.  Doing what I do, I bowed.  I explained to them that is had been merely an endurance test.  All was going well.

We started to leave.  I stopped by the receptionist desk and pointed at the rock on her desk.  I wanted Laura to see it.  The young lady smiled - picked up the rock and said she wanted me to have it.

I don't know why, but this got to me.  I could feel the emotion rising up in me: Attacking me.  I feel the same thing right now as I type.  I couldn't talk other than to mumble something like "no, it's yours."  She insisted and I waved my crowd out the door.  I couldn't even reply "Thank you."  I made it through nine long weeks of zapping and being uncomfortable.  And a stupid little rock broke me down.  Who'd a thunk?

So, I close.  Our plan is to wait 3 months.   I take a blood test.  Then, we will know what is needed next.  I do try to be optimistic and tough about all of this.  You can see that toughness in the others who share my waiting room - waiting.  They do what they have to do and smile.

But, a little painted Rock took me down.