Friday, May 24, 2024


 There is the 7 year itch - married couples desiring to not be ...

That 's not it.  My palm itches.  Look it up.  When your palm itches, somebody is going to give you money.  I wish they would hurry.

This must be scientific.

Speaking of old wives tales (stories, not tails).  I was working a concession stand once with some band parents.  We had this big tub of Cokes and assorted drinks.  When the night wore down, one mother started to throw all the cold drinks in the trash.  She said once they were cooled down, they lose their bubbles.  Without thinking, I muttered, "I never did believe that old wives tale."  And, I started moving them into storage.  Sometimes, not always, my mouth speaks before the brain does.  

Now that I look back, I remember the mom having a shocked look on her face.  I had insulted her.  Suppose that wasn't the first for me - or maybe the last.  My oldest brother Marshall once told me that he was surprised that someone had not flattened me by now.   

As I look back, there are several things I wish I hadn't said or done.  Since I am not on a 7 or 10 step program to improve, I guess I'll let them go.

Final word.  We have had a lot of rain in a short period of time.  You don't walk across my yard; 

you slosh across it.


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