Thursday, September 15, 2022

82 is just 28 spelled backwards

Today - the 15th of September - my wife turns 82 years of age.  When I was younger, I had no desire to live with an 82 year old female.  It is interesting that one's visual perspective changes as we age.  Now, I cannot imagine living with anyone younger.   Soon, I will turn 82 and join the spouse.  She has always lived with a younger man.

So we go to the old  82 spelled backwards is 28 concept.  They had a commercial on TV with this concept last year.  I can't remember the commercial or the age of the old coot.  It makes turning a new age just a tad easier - albeit not a heck of  a lot easier.

So take the age that you have and make the best of it.  You will never get any younger unless you believe in reincarnation; but, that is a whole different ball of wax.


Now, let's discuss Putin.  I am surprised that someone has not eliminated that cretin.  That might not be the right word.  I don't care to look it up.   Do You?   And, no, for our govt who is watching my every move and comment (who says paranoia doesn't pay?) - no, I am not suggesting that anyone eliminate the guy.  No, I am not going to finance this either.  I am just surprised.


Just for the record.  We now have a brand new freezer.  No more digging through the small freezer on the side of the frig.  It is a beautiful white color.  My preference.  It has a little green light that shines on the garage floor indicating that we are freezing.  I understand it has an alarm which rings if the door is not closed.

This month we added a Bosch 800 something new dishwasher.  We love the new dishwasher.  40 dbl of noise at the most  We cannot hear the machine running.  It is a good thing it has (1) a red light shining on the floor indicating it is working   and  (2) we bought a big magnet thing which we change at has four setting:   Running, Clean, Dirty, & Empty.  Obviously we have been much too dumb to be able to figure these settings for ourselves.

And, finally,  a few months back our dryer quit.  We have a new set of Washer/Dryer.  Gorgeous, big, quiet, and - most importantly - it works.


time to go out and do a birthday festival.

take care - I shall return


P.S.  Today is my 7th radiation treatment.  After today, only 6 more treatments - zapping if you will.

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