Saturday, April 3, 2021

It moves me

I realize nobody sits around waiting for my next blog entry.  Apparently, I don't either.  It has been over a month since my last confession - - wait - - since my last entry.  There is a good reason; not bad either.

About 2 maybe 3 weeks ago a gentleman called me.  I invited he and his wife over.  They walked around the house for a couple of hours and, then, made me an offer to buy/sell.   I hesitated a bit, but signed on the dotted line.

We have been talking about moving back to the Round Rock area where my #1 daughter works.  We're 80 now and need to be near some relative.  We could move back to the Lubbock area (our hometown is Levelland), but neither of us care for the sand storms and the winters.

So we are moving.  We don't know where; but we do know when.  The movers arrive on April 6th.  They will load up our stuff and deliver it to a storage shed in the Georgetown area on the 7th.  It will be costly, for sure.

For the past 3 weeks we have packed boxes.  My daughter Laura and her husband Tom live in Waxahachie.  They have been practically living here packing boxes for us.   Daughter Christine showed up last night for a final 4 day packing push.   Son Roger (Lubbock) arrived on Thursday.  I will be moving into a smaller lot.  Roger is buying 5 acres of land near Lubbock.   Se he came for my John Deere riding mower and attached trailer.  I gave him a good deal.

My kids have been great helping us.   Laura has sacrificed the most time and endured my surly temper.  I have not been the most pleasant person.

We will be moving into our motorhome and traveling south.  We will live in the motorhome for a while until we can find an appropriate house.

I will certainly miss this place.  I get a bit despondent at times.  I will miss playing ball with Oscar for one thing.  He has turned 12 and -logically - won't be around for many more years.  I hate that he will miss those years of ball playing.  He loves it so much.  Bruno, on the other hand, could care less about activity - "Give me food," is his battle cry.  Sadie just loves to love and bark.  I am sad but happy.

So moving is Tuesday.  Wish us luck.


totally unrelated, the daughter Laura teaches in Blooming Grove Elementary.  During the great ice/snow happening, her school became waterlogged.  The entire school is being gutted and repaired.  So what about classes?  Corsicana ISD has a building (Drane Learning Center) that is being rented to Blooming Grove for the rest of this school year.  Every morning, the students are bused the 20 miles over here for classes.  In the afternoon, they are bused back 20 miles.  Job security for bus drivers; but, it has to be terrible.  Corsicana needs a pat on the back for helping;  Blooming Grove needs a pat on the back for making it work.  They must have some excellent administrators and faculty.

that's it.  I paused my address changing efforts to write this epic.  So many addresses; so little time.

luv ya



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