Monday, May 13, 2019

Post Mother's Day Post

I thought the title was cute.  "Post Mother's Day Post."  It's probably not enough to make it into Bartlett's Quotes.  But, I'll live.  Sometimes I am so cute, I can't hardly hug myself enough.   Now Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
With that said: I had a fairly nice mother's day.  We made it to Wax-a-hatchet (spelling stolen from son Roger) in time for the lunch buffet at El Fenix.  Frankly, I prefer Panchos - smaller crowds - fewer waiters hustling for your attention - more enchilada choices - as much guacamole as you care to have - less room noise (something that has bothered me quite a bit since I put in the hearing aids) - cheaper - and memories.
It was good to see Tom and Laura.  Their dog Hannah - recently paralyzed - operated on - spends time in a crate till her back improves - Hannah looked good.  She was so happy to see us all.  While she still doesn't run and play (a 3 yr old dog will run and play), she was still somewhat mobile.  And, her Licker was fine tuned just enough to reach my nose.
Went over to Lowe's and made arrangements for a storm door to be installed both on our front and back doors.  The back door one will have a doggy door implanted in the glass.  I'm sure the dogs will love laying down inside the house while they scan the back yard through the glass - then, Whamming!!  through the doggy door as they attempt to maim the local squirrels.  Plus - now, they will be able to look out the front door as well and warm up their Barkers for our local traffic.  We all do love to bark at the local pickup trucks that frequent our cul-de-sac.
Wednesday should bring the guy here to measure the door openings and plan the installation.
Tuesday will bring a different guy here to fix our refrigerator and dish washer.  Really?
The dishwasher door has 2 springs to support the door.  Both springs are broken.  The freezer is flowing water out the bottom.  I think the freezer drain may be clogged, but, of course it could be a leak from the ice maker.  Since the leak doesn't happen every time the ice dumps - or only when the ice tray fills, I am optimistic as you should be too. 
Thursday - is my semi-annual visit to my doctor so he can tell me that my blood sugar is too high.  Lately, this doctor seems concerned that the blood sugar will get too low some night and I will croak. I have never had a "low."  I don't know how fun that would be. Let's think on it a bit.
On the way home we stopped in Walmarts to buy yarn for the "Mother" (of recent Mother's Day fame).  Now we are all set for a future trip.  
      Daughter Christine is going to a Tandy's store soon and buy a couple of leather projects which we can use on a future trip.  I have leather working tools which I never use enough.  If only I could get a real horse; then, maybe I could make a saddle.  Frankly you can only make so many billfolds, key rings, and leather pouches.
Stay tuned.  My next bluggy will have to do with blue jeans - if I remember to write the next bluggy.  Y'all take care now, ya here?

p.s. did I ever mention that Christine sent us a recipe for wrapping bacon around dill pickle spears - cooking in the oven till done - and eating of course.  She thinks this is a great product.   I had a bit of a problem with eating a hot pickle.  To each his own I suppose.

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