Monday, November 7, 2016

fly flue fluen

this little bluggy was written a month ago.  I forgot to hit the word publish.
Now I will.  Nothing earth shattering here of course.

This past week we ventured into a CVS pharmacy to buy Cokes.  If you don't watch the advertisements, you may not know that CVS will have Cokes and associated varieties on sale a lot cheaper than the guys across the street.  2 liters can be had for $1 while HEB sells it for $1.50.    
Lemme point out:  Most people I know call all soft drinks - all sodas - whatever - we called them cokes.  I quote:  "Let's go to the Dairy Queen and get a coke."  It is like all nose blowing tissues are Kleenex or all refrigerators are Kelvinators - make up your own product and find the ones you generalize.
In this case I wanted Diet Cokes and Caffeine free diet cokes.  I am not suppose to drink sugary stuff; thus, diet cokes.  Diet Pepsi is vile - and "lips that touch Dr Pepper shall never touch mine."  We walked in pushing their tiny buggy/cart.   At that moment I had a revelation - an epiphany if you will.  We need our flu shots.
Last year, when we tried this, our insurer  Aetna  had put a new process in place.  I had to go home and call them.  Then, they sent out a letter or form which I carried into CVS.  
In addition, to those of you who are uninformed, there are 2 types of flu shots.  One is bigger than the other.  They have a name for it.  I forget.  I am allowed to forget.  I am getting older. 

Naturally, when we sidled up to the window, I brought these facts up - one at a time of course. Re: going home and getting a letter from Aetna -- The young lady behind the counter entered our info and said we are "good to go."   I asked about the dosage.  She told us that "Seniors" automatically get the higher dosage.   Question:  How did she know we are Seniors?  She didn't ask.  Is that profiling?  Should I be offended?  Of course not.  I believe in profiling.
The spouse and I found our waiting-area chairs and chilled out --  waiting -- and talking about other people we saw come through.  Other people and their little quirks are always good fodder for a quick conversation.  No, I never feel guilty for being catty.  What they don't know, hurts nobody except my tally sheet when I arrive at Gabriel's gate, if you get my drift.
A nice young lady brought over some official forms to be signed.  The form granted our permission to be abused by her needle and the store.   CVS is off the hook if there is a problem. And it instructed us how to pronounce:   "IN - FLOO - EN  ZA"      I had always wondered how to pronounce Flu.  If it were not for this valuable form, I might have continued to think it was pronounced "Bippity boppity boo." 
She administered our shot.  Both were poked in the left arm.  Frankly, there was no pain at all.   Over and done with.  She was one of the finest Administrators I have ever met.  On the whole, I rarely say nice things about Administrators.    

Bought our Diet drinks and went home.   Nuff.  I never regret getting the flu shot.
Addition to the above comments:
Can't  say names -  OSHA might get me....    BUT SOMEONE I KNOW  and his wife got their shots up in   XXXXX   (town name censored)  the previous week.  The next day her shoulder started to hurt.   After a trip to the ER  and more,  I THINK her problem was attributed to the flu shot.   Perhaps the "shot giver"  hit a bone or a nerve?  She has had major health issues in the past and is naturally concerned when she begins having any medical problem.
I don't know what has happened since her MRI.

To continue   As it would happen, the day before they got their shots, I read an article in the Dallas paper about this.  The People's Pharmacy (Oct. 25th, page 3E)  has medical questions and answers.  I think the authors may be latter-day hippies who are going for the healthy life style approach to all things.  Someone wrote in about the flu shot and problems.   I will summerize.
They were told that pain can happen.   Now, what got me in their explanation was that our government has a website for you to report if you have a problem with a vaccination.  And, if the problem continues for a long enough time, they have a compensation program.    OUR RICH GOVERNMENT WILL GIVE YOU MONEY IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR VACCINATION.   Isn't that nice.
So if you have a problem.   Govn website    
To apply for compensation -- the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has a phone number   800/338-2382   and a website

Who'd a thought?    That is my public service message for this day - for the week, month - year - whenever.   I wish they had a compensation program for fertilizing my grass...or shining my shoes...or getting my haircut...or answering robocalls

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