Friday, October 3, 2014

stamps and pow wow movie??

Quickie #2 -- 10/3/14

I just paid 2 bills and put stamps on them.  I am still using my 2013 Christmas stamps.  Is this sad or not?  In years past, Christmas stamps rarely made it past December.  Now it seems that last year stamps may make it to this December.
What bills were paid?   I am resubscribing to the Biblical Archaeology Review.  They are giving it to me for $7 a year.  Now - as an old miser - I think that is pretty good.  That would be $1 an issue.  I am not sure that I would stop in the store and buy an issue for $1 - miser?  cheap?  thrifty? (no that's not it).
Each year I have to pay taxes on my house etc.  It is good to have a house to be taxed.  Still, it would be nicer if everything would be cheaper.  I use to wait till the very last day of the year to pay thinking this would let me keep my money longer and get interest at the bank.  Last month, I made about 5 cents in interest at the bank.  It makes me sigh.
How about another photo from my camera?
this is an experiment to see if a movie will upload
We went to the Indian pow-wow in Grand Prairie recently - see a previous bluggy.   It looks like one of these is not uploading.   Hmmmm   it was the longest and best (naturally).  oh well. enjoy.   M3

have gone back to edit this one - all movies apparently worked.  I am impressed with all my skills.  Gonna write my mom and tell her how good I am.    Also, I corrected the word Indian above.  It seems I left off the N.  Now whoever heard of people from India having a pow-wow?   that's fixed.

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