Friday, September 26, 2014

car & TU

Sure, like this is breaking news.
The FLEX is in the shop getting a new hood.  The buzzard destroyed the old hood (see previous post).  The grand total is over $1000 with me paying a hundred deductible.  I was so solid on the brakes that the bird slid under the car instead of over the top off the windshield.  It could have been worse - or worster if you are in the 3rd grade.
We pick it up today.  Two days to fix it.  Unbelievable.  I like when a person does the job he says he will do and in a timely fashion.  I've discovered that many workers in the Corsicana area are flakes.  Maybe that is the way it is everywhere.  I don't know.
I remembered an old stone from the days that I worked in the Univ. of TX stadium with school groups.  We installed chairbacks / seatbacks / permanent-almost  cushions with backs on the stadium for people with the money to pay.  The money is good for a school group.  You have to go to every home UT football game - and some are an inconvenience  (8 p.m. games - rain games - Thanksgiving games - even 11 a.m games are tough to make after a Friday night out-of-town high school football game).  
We were installing chairs one Saturday.  I believe it was the Hutto HS band helping us.  They make 50 cents for chair install  and  50 cents per chair at the end of the season for the uninstall  -  or $1 a chair for the year.  We installed over 10,000 chairs.  Good money for a school group.  We were up on the 11th floor when this boy - young, probably an 8th grade or Freshman - came up to me with an ice scoop.  He said he had found this ice scoop.  What to do?
Of course, of course, leaving it where found was not in his brain.  I didn't know where to take it.  So, I told him to take it home and give it to his Aunt Mary for Christmas.  He had this look on his face.  We moved on. Several hours later as the students left and "Johnny" and I were left alone to lock up, I saw this ice scoop on the bottom floor of the stadium resting on a ledge.  The same.  Aunt Mary must have died.
To coin a phrase, I scooped up the scoop and took it home.  Today, 6 or 7 years later, the scoop lives happily in the freezer of my refrig scooping ice daily into my humongous tea glass.  It is a good scoop.  It has found a home.  We are friends.  We have bonded.
Wife is in yard planting and scratching.  We have a big box of left-over day lilies to give away.  Years ago, pre-2000, my Uncle Junior mailed us a few day lilies from his back yard.  He was president of the Oklahoma Day Lily Society.  He grew day lilies in his backyard and sold them over the internet.  Beautiful garden he had.  So we prized these day lilies.  When we sold the Pflugerville house, we moved the day lilies to daughter Christine's house.  In 2008, some of them came here.
They prospered.  Christine and BJ divided them over the weekend.  Now we have too many.  What to do?

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