Wednesday, August 27, 2014

bit of rambling

COMPLAINT:  stupid phone rings all the time with calls from 1-800, Unknown Caller, New York, Private number - this morning an honest one from JII Teleservice --- whoever that is.  Nobody leaves a message. They just call and move on to other people who "dumb-like" answer.  They try to trick me.  The other day I had one from my own phone number - and, then, one from 2 digits off my number. Somebody MUST BE buying from these stupid folks.  Surely.  Just like the bums on the street corners asking for handouts.  If nobody would give them anything, they would go away.
How do journalist write everyday?  I know they get paid - no writee, no payee.  Still it must be hard for a columnist to find an interesting topic each day.  My plan was to write each day; but, now I have skipped a day.  Betcha I skip more days.
On my desk is an article which says my new car - Ford Flex - has a recall.  Ford has not told me. Get this newspaper  talk.  "The company says that because of improper installation of a chip in the axle, the half-shaft can disengage from the linkshaft."   CAN?   WILL?   What then?   "Oh, don't worry about it, your half-shaft just disengaged from your linkshaft."  Why is half-shaft hyphenated and linkshaft is not?  In today's climate we have so much to worry about.
On the news this morning I heard a report.  Remember when the crazy guy went into a moviehouse showing Batman and shot the place up?  Aurora, Colo.?  Well, the theater was sued by the victims and the theater lost.  The judge said (paraphrase) in today's climate of mass shootings the theater should have known there was a reasonable expectation for their theater to be shot up by a crazed maniac.  Yes, the theater lost.
.   Lemme explain:  This means that ALL theaters should put on guards and weapon detectors by the front door.   Wouldn't a grocery store expect to be shot up?   Some mom & pop jewelry store should expect to be attacked.  Everyone should be, and you will be sued when it happens.  And, this frothing judge will declare that you are the bad guy.   Pay up.
     I read that BP has paid enough money to Texas that Texas Parks and Wildlife has bought a bunch of land and will build a new State Park.   I don't think this was the intent of the money that BP had to pay.  I believe it is wrong.  Nobody asked.  How long will BP be punished?   Over-kill.
time to eat - more tomorrow - I have a couple of humor things - maybe this afternoon.

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