Saturday, June 7, 2014

Set-up, Crisis, The Answer, & How

Some stones are difficult to explain.  They take a great deal of explanation before you get to the punch line - so to speak.   First of all, this is a stone about my wife who actually giggled about it.  It turned out to be a fun time in the kitchen.  Read the prep,  then end up in THE CRISIS.   THE CRISIS.  THE CRISIS.
"fun time in the kitchen" --- good title for a blog
Explanation or two:
1.   My ears ring all the time.  It is loud.  I think it interferes with my hearing and comprehension a lot.  But, I understand, there is little to be done.  I have been around loud noises (and music) too much during my lifetime;  my inner ear has been damaged.
2.   My wife does not have any ringing in her ears - that is because I am so soft spoken, and we have always had such a quiet way of life.
3.   Our motorhome is fixed up pretty nice - y'know, TV, bathroom, chairs, refrig.  A few years back we lived in the m.h. for over a year while the house was being built - that is not easy with 3 dogs.   At Christmas we went out and bought a fake tree - about a foot high - with all the decorations attached.  We set it up on the dash and pretended it was a big tree.  It did take a lot of imagination.  We have a place over the driver's compartment where we store it in anticipation of next year's Christmas season.
4.   Because we may make a trip in our motorhome someday - and we had time today to do it - we drove to town to clean up the inside of the m.h.  Actually, she cleaned.   I dropped off my wife and ran errands in town.  She mopped and swept  ( or is it swepped? ) while I went to the post office, the bank, and to the courthouse to pay the yearly car registration on the Marauder.  I always go inside to do that because it saves a dollar.  As I walked into the courthouse I was greeted by a enormous deputy sheriff who said something scary like, "Good morning, sir."  It intimidated me.  I was careful not to make any threatening moves.
       The ladies in the payment room are always nice and extra friendly.  it makes paying the $64.35 a bit easier - perhaps.  I sold my little Explorer about  a month and half ago - I learned that the new owner had not registered it properly yet.   That means if it is used in an armed robbery, the cops will show  up on my doorstep with guns drawn.  The lady gave me a form to let the govt. know that it was not my car anymore.  Is that a relief?
5.    If you read my previous bluggy-bloggy-blog, you will know that I had Sirius put into the motorhome - the antenna went up in the compartment over the driver.  That means I had to empty out the compartment - which I did - piling stuff on the couch.   One of my wife's tasks was to put the Christmas tree and other stuff back into the compartment.  She did that with fervor.
6.   After our morning's excitement, we had a coupon for Cici's pizza:  buy one get one free.  Sounds good to me.  Off we were for Cici's.  I can tell you, this was a mistake.  It turns out that today is the last day of school for Corsicana and the several of the surrounding schools.   Many had early noon release.  It could be that the entire town came to CiCi's today.   That was one noisy joint.  The pizza was typical.  Kids were everywhere.  It was good to finish eating and escape. Noise is Noise and will cover all sorts of conversations.
7.    On the way home, we went by the car wash and rode through the spray.  Fun.  We opened the little skylight door and watched the soap as it sprayed the top of the car.   More fun.  We don't have fun like this often.
8.    THE CRISIS:  Home at last.   Back in the house for a couple moments my wife said something about a high pitch sound she was hearing.  I heard nothing.  She said it was like glass clinking against other glass.   Seconds passed.  She continued to move about the house looking for the cause of the tinkling sound.  Still I heard nothing, which is not new.  The air cond. turned off but she still heard the noise.   I said something about ringing in the ears, and, maybe her ears were starting that.
       She figured out that as long as she stood still, there was no noise.  That didn't make sense.  She swung her head back and forth.  No tinkling.   I tried to get her to bend over really fast.  No sound.  She experimented with more walking.  The tinkling returned to her ears.  I suggested putting fingers in the ears to see if the noise was still there.  She kept talking about the tinkling in her ears.  I made the point that maybe saying her ears were "tinkling" was not good.  Who wants ears that tinkle?
      She laid down for a nap.   I pointed out that aspirin sometimes causes ear ringing to get worse.  I closed the door and she slept.   
      DING DONG.   The front door bell rang and the dogs went crazy.  No nap now for sure.  She got up - I went into the other room  (it had been a box via UPS).
9.     THE ANSWER:   Several minutes passed and my wife walked into the kitchen laughing.  She was truly full of glee.  It took a moment but she handed me a tiny bell with a pipe cleaner attached. She found it in the cuff of her pants.   When she walked, the bell tinkled.  Her ears didn't tinkle at all; her ankle was the tinkle.
10.    HOW?   Remember the little Christmas tree she put in the upper compartment?   A bell fell off the tree and landed in the cuff.  She was so busy working - Cici's was so loud - she couldn't hear the bell until we walked into the house.
     Now, you folks may not think that was funny.  But, you were not here.  Trust me, it was funny. My wife spent a few minutes good naturely making fun of herself - as well she might.   But it was a good ending to a busy morning.

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