Tuesday, April 1, 2014

pot pouring

saw some things recently - in person and in the paper.
1.   eating at our local Sirloin Stockade.  A 30 sumpin yr old female walked past - dressed in a T-shirt.  The shirt read Witches of Gaia - - whatever that means.  She looked pretty tough.
2.  Walking into Walmart when we met a young couple.  They were walking towards their car followed by their little boy.  I'd guess he was about 4 or 5.     His little legs were scurrying as fast as he could go.  All the time, he had his left stuck inside his shirt and under his right arm - in his arm pit, if you will.   All the way, he was pumping that right arm up and down to create "that"  hilarious sound that all little boys crave to emit.  I heard no sounds.  But, he kept pumping away - and hurrying.  The parents completely ignored him.  Wanna bet his dad taught him the trick?  Or some kid in day care?
3.  back to the Sirloin Stockade.  We sat at a corner table.  In the center was a table for six - which held 4 rather large individuals.  3 guys and a gal.  Actually, they were cowboys = so three steers and a heifer.   It was Sunday.  The boys wore Cowboy church shirts - she wore the same in the T-shirt style.   Embroidered shirts.  They were nice.   Down the sleeve of one guy were the letters  S F C M.   
After a little bit of snooping, I was able to read the back of her T-shirt.
"Spurrin' for Christ Ministry"
I don't want to give the appearance of making fun of this.  I think that is a great bit.  The Cowboy Churches seem to fit a particular fine place in this world.  Good for them.
But it made me stop and think of different possible church groups.  I tried in vain to create other ones.
TFCM  - Flute players:  Trilling for Christ Ministry
SFCM - clarinets:   squeaking for....
BFCM - trumpets:   blasting for ...
SBFCM - Skate boarding for....
That's enough.  You get the idea.
I would like to write a paragraph about Bitcoins.   If you don't know anything about them, consider yourself ahead of the game.  In my opinion, only a nitwit would invest in a bitcoin.  Nitwit.  They had the big theft a few weeks ago that is beyond my comprehension.    I just don't understand.     Nitbit-coins.  The paper reported that our govt. IRS has decided that trading in nitbits is subject to income tax.   GADZ
more later

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