Friday, November 15, 2013

Noise Pollution

This article by the Associated Press was in the Dallas News yesterday, Nov. 14th.   I believe it needs reprinting because of the potential hazards in which it places all musicians.  
[ I read an article lately that ending a sentence in a preposition is not bad.   "hazards it places all musicians in."   I knew  immediately the article had not originated with my high school English teach - whose name I cannot remember at the moment, nor do I care to remember.  She was one tough cookie.  I remember Mrs. McCorkle (history) and Mrs. Headstream (algebra) and Sam Hollis (newspaper) and Mr. Benningfield (choir) and Mr. Wheeler (band) and Mrs. Johnson, that short and skinny loud Spanish teacher - OLAY!  and others.]  
Again this article:   
Dateline:  MADRID -- 
A woman has taken her neighbors to court, accusing a 27-year-old pianist and her parents of causing psychological damage and noise pollution as a result of the daughter's years of pianos practice.
Prosecutors in the northeastern city of Gerona are seeking more than seven years in prison for each.  They claim that years of hearing constant playing has caused Sonia Bosom "psychological injury."
The musician, Laia Martin, is now a professional concert pianist.
                                                            The Associated Press

Just for the record - if this type of law suit is valid, think of all the parents of 6th grade band students who will be sued - and go to jail.   This could fill the prisons more than drug arrests.  Plus think of all of those really band bands and choirs (and church choirs) and garage bands that should be arrested for noise pollution.  You may add in the comments below any other individuals or groups who belong in the noise pollution crowd.   Little babies and children screaming in Walmarts or restaurants.....politicians.....

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  1. people with barking dogs,perhaps and of course those who drive cars with their radios at full blast and those who mow their yards early on a Saturday morning or do other and asundry noisy outside tasks before noon on any given day. the possibilities are endless...