Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday quickie

couple of things unless I start to ramble.
rain started before dawn with thunder - it is past 11 and we have broken the 2 inch mark.  They say it will continue all day.    My backyard is a swamp.  The dogs have to be kicked out the door.  And, still it comes.
my little white Ford Explorer is in the shop.  I've talked previously about my car repair guy.   Cheap is the word.  He quit his former company and opened his own shop in the former Lincoln/Mercury house.   At this moment he is working alone hoping his former helpers will want to move in with him.   Consequently, he works alone.   Lots of folks like him.  He has too much business for one guy.
The Ford went into the shop last Thursday - front end problems.   Hopefully it will be rescued today.
And with that I close - told ya it was a quickie - gonna go look for my spandex swimming trunks so I can go out into the back yard.   My neighbors ain't here - may just go skinny dipping with my dogs (if I can get them off the back porch - notice tie-in to blog name).
Did I mention that I watched most of the old   M A S H   movie last night on TV? The movie guys really are a lot more cruel than than the TV show guys.  With that, I close.

I'll do a P.S.   My brother's wife went to the doctor yesterday for a checkup.  They put her in the hospital and are going to do some things today.  I don't understand it all for sure.  Blood going through heart is down to 20%.   They think one of her  stents  isn't working right.   She is a candidate for a heart transplant, but has yet to pull the trigger to go.   Her older brother had a heart transplant years ago and did not survive.   Yes, I know, they have made great strides in heart transplants over the past 20 years.  I feel helpless because there is nothing I can do to ease her pain and solve this problem.
It just dawned on me that she may read this sometime.  If so, I apologize in advance for putting her blues on the international stage.   

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  1. just remember to give us an update when appropriate. If you don't want to put that on the international stage, you can email me.