Monday, September 16, 2013

running running

Not much to see here folks.  I awoke this morning with fluid flowing from my nose  ( GROSS ALERT !!  GROSS ALERT !! ).  A clear, liquid-flow, mighty as a river gushing after the hurricane [ from the previous post ] has unleashed its liquid fury.  
                        One Kleenix, Two Kleenix, 
                        Three Kleenix, A Dollar.  

                        All for Tissues 
                        Stand up and hollar.
Today I stand in awe at the "mighty lowly" Tissue.    Continuing our gross alert, the way it works in my head - the nose runs.  If I lay down, it continues, sometimes flowing down the back of my throat.  While I never know it is flowing, it is for sure.  All of this gross-sit-ity is followed by an increasing sore throat. Pretty soon, the ears start to stop up.   That was fun to write.  Start to Stop. Try it, you'll see. 
Historically when this first started, it was a spring time, just prior to concert contest.  I went into sight reading unable to hear my students play - everything seemed 5 blocks away.  We were fortunate to have survived that competition - the band did great.  I tried to smile a lot.
So, running nose and all, today we went to town.   Gotta go to the bank - the post office - and, of course,  Wal*Mart.  That, plus a few more tissues, and I invite my wife to have lunch at a local Italian place we have never tried.   It was okay.  Big bread rolls brushed with butter and garlic. The portions were large.  My piece of chicken was enormous for a restaurant that is still in business.  We brought home supper plus 2 big rolls.
Once home - a half box tissues later - I called an allergy doctor.  Answering service:   "Doctor's answering service," she recites.   I ask, " You are the answering service?"  After all it was early afternoon.   "Yes, they will be back at 1:30."    1:30.    I set an alarm clock for 1:35 and gave them a 2nd call.    Response ---  Tomorrow morning sometime, I will visit my new best friend.  The doctor will look into my eyes, my ears, my throat, and perchance, my nose, if he is wearing plastic protective garb.   He will emit a hmmmmmm and say, "I need you to come back in, and we will do some tests."

You see, I have done this before.  I took allergy shots in Austin for 4 years.  Then, in 2003, I stopped.   Not one runny nose since 2003 until this year.  The allergy devil has re-found me. Tomorrow, a new adventure.  wish me the best.

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