Friday, April 19, 2013


This week - I have been a failure when it comes to this blug.   Maybe, just maybe, I will do better next week.
I enjoy watching MONK  and   MONK RERUNS.   Tonight the MONK is an episode named "The Marathon Man."   Now I ask you - what moron picked this episode to run in this particular week?  Or is the episode picker psychic?
Today from my awakening until now, TV had the wall-to-wall coverage from Watertown, PA.  The Boston Marathon bombing has had out complete attention since the weekend.  And in the middle of the week a fertilizer plant blew up in West, Texas, about 45 miles or so from here.  No results from the explosion yet.  I imagine it will take months of investigating to figure it all out.  Even today, they have no final figure on deaths in West.  That in itself has to take a toll on the citizens of West and their friends / loved ones.   
Can you just imagine the fallout from living in a small town that is practically destroyed by an explosion?  This next part is not funny in truth - the explosion wiped out one of their schools, and they have the State Testing this coming week.   Surely someone will take all of this in account when the results are announced.  So many administrators and teachers are psycho about the test results.  If West has this type of folks, there will be a great number of gnashing teeth.
I posted this briefly on Facebook.  The Circle of Life.  Today my middle school aged granddaughter boarded a charter bus in Frenship, TX, for an overnight band trip to a competition in Dallas and subsequent day of fun at Six Flags Over Texas.  When I was in high school, Mr. Wheeler loaded up the Levelland H.S. Band for long trips.  They were really good times.
How many times have I loaded up buses of kids for overnight trips to various exotic locations?   I made so many of those trips - great memories - All 3 of my own kids made so many trips in band
buses over those " formulative " years.  And now, my own Megan is headed for Dallas.
Few will find this next interesting.  Frenship has 3 middle schools.  All 3 are making this trip.  One school is using 2 buses.  The other schools are using the other 3 buses - shared.    There is something about taking five buses of middle school kids anywhere - much less spending the night.  I read the instructions sent with the kids.  Brilliant idea:  they are taking up all cell phones at 10 p.m., like that will help get the kids to go to bed.    Yessirrrrr, I plan to enjoy my night of rest here in my lonely home.


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