Wednesday, March 27, 2013

experiment - plus nonsense

This is an experiment - not spiffy reading - an experiment.

On the right of this typing is a button which implies you will get a notice should I ever write another blug.
So I clicked it and signed up to receive notices  - via another name that I use when I don't want people to know who I am - not going to tell you either.  so there.

Then my wife went to the blug / blog and clicked on that button to sign up also.
So this entry is an experiment to see if we get a notice that brilliance has been typed herewithin...a word the spell checker doesn't like but will be used anyway.
you go sign up too, y'hear.
Not to leave you without a taste:
My wife is not here right now.  She has gone to town.  On certain Wednesdays a group of like-minded ladies gather at the Corsicana Senior Citizens bldg and knit.   They call it "Sit and Sew."   I call it  "sit & knit."   I have been trying to come up with a rhyming word for Squat -- so they can  Squat and ....
Squat and talk - won't work;   squat and pot  would work if the were doing gardening;   

All of the ladies / participants / squatters / are members of the Corsicana Quilt Guild. . .  I think they are known as the Piecemakers  (cute, huh?)     Much to my surprise, wife says the ladies do not sit and gossip about others.  I think that is marvelous and explains why she keeps going back, not being one who enjoys gossip.

Just this past week - see below - I made the journey to the Corsicana Senior Citizen's bldg and played as entertainment { the Corsicana Swing Orchestra }  for the festivities honoring the local Vietnam Vets.  They were a good group.  As we started to play, there were only 18 people there including the servers and cooks.  The numbers got better.  And the crowd got better as we started to play "The Stripper" and this guy got up dancing around and slowly removing his Vietnam vest.   We would have been in major trouble if he had started working on the suspenders.   

A couple weeks ago, we were eating at some simple Chinese Buffet joint - not class - a Buffet for goodness sakes.  This couple came in and "chose" a table.   She was wearing bright red tennis shoes.   Before long she flagged down the waiter guy.  Her request:  Turn down the music on the P.A. System.  It was Chinese music in a Chinese Buffet.
A one liner I heard on the radio last President's Day  E V E.   After a question, he replied that he was gonna spend President's Dayt  "at home in my rectangular office."   That's it - nothing to write momma about.
Was in JCPenneys store walking around as the spouse shopped.  I chanced upon a display of female jeans entitled   MODERN FIT.  I asked.  They have slim ankles.   Once again I failed the Modern Fit test.
My phone memo pad has the following entry:      D#
That's it,  D#.  Don't have the slightest clue.....
One final stone.   When you reach Medicare age, the govt. limits your paid visits to certain types of doctors. Since I developed the Diabetes thing, certain doctors are included in my care - eye doctors are one.  I keep track on a yearly calendar and make the visit to the Optomologist once a year.   (side note:  I wrote Optomologist and spell check things I should change it to Psephologist.  Guess so.)
I bought new glasses in 2009 after we moved here; the others were bent and falling off my face, nose piece broken, the works.  Found the Diabetes in late 2008 so the 2009 eye doc visit was just right.   He gave an eye prescription which I filled at Wal*Mart.   I buy real glass - progressive lenses - and photogray.   I discovered several years ago as I bent to family will and bought plastic lenses, plastic lenses are a life-style change.  You treat plastic lenses differently than glass.  Back to glass and am happy....

This year the doctor gave me another prescription and stated as he has the past 3 visits, there is not much of a change, get new glasses if you want.  I bit the bullet.   My old glasses were 4 years old - still worked but, it was time to become Modern again.   My new glasses are in and I am bumping into walls getting use to them.
Didja know, the type of lens that I have, these lenses must pass a test after grinding.  A steel ball is dropped on them from a set distance.  If they don't break, the lenses are shipped out.   If they break, well, they were just not meant to be.
have come up with some drama to write about on Friday.  I know you lie in wait.

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  1. Actually, I 'signed up' years ago (or so it seems) and I get a notice every time you grace us with your wit and wisdom. Makes me happy.