Friday, March 23, 2012

Scams Aplenty

one of my band director friends sent me the following message -- a few messages later and there was another saying to ignore this message.

Hi, I'm writing this with great grievance . I'm presently in London, United Kingdom with my Family for a short vacation and we're stuck...And really it was unannounced. We were attacked by four armed robbers on our way back to the hotel where we lodged.we were robbed and completely embarrassed.

All our cash,credit cards and cellphone were stolen. We've reported the incident to the embassy and the Police but to my dismay they seem not bothered...their response was just too casual.Our flight leaves in few hours but We've got to settle our bills before We're allowed to leave....Now am freaked out....Please I need you to loan some money, All i need is $1,600 I promise to refund you as soon as I'm back home.. . Please Let me know what you can do?Write me back so I can tell you how to get it to me..

        notice they have added cellphone to the list. good thinking. However use of words like "lodged" and "great grievance" followed by "freaked out." Yeah that sounds like the 70 yr old Magaret (who goes by Margy) that I know. What I don't understand is how to write back to the thief where Margy doesn't see the response.
          If I email back and say where do I send it - doesn't the original Margy see this response. Not quite sure I get it.
          Well, if you get this type of email note from me -- eliminate the middle people and just mail "cash" directly to my house. You're gonna lose your money anyhooo - so why not just send it to me directly and get it over with. I promise to spend your money with frugality and not to return one blessed dime.

Sign me
Bubba M.   (an alias for now)

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