Wednesday, December 22, 2010


several things to report:
1. local newspaper has an advertisement from the Corley Funeral Home. Now this place runs an adv. every day in the local paper. Always, they include a photo of a dog from the pound. "Come adopt this dog." Today's dog was named: MORTICIA.
Now, I think that is funny.

2. There was a lunar eclipse this week. Around here it came to view about 1 a.m. plus 30. I ask you: why can't they get these lunar events during the daylight hours when I am awake?
3. Saw a guy at the Sirloin Stockade in Roud Rock last Sunday. His "dress" T-shirt was imprinted with

4. At the same place, I went to the buffet one last time to get some fresh fruit... cantelope. As I arrived there was this older guy in his Sunday best, off-white suit coat, slacks, tie - the works. He was getting fruit.
The man was singing, not softly. Not too often do you go to the buffet bar and stand beside a guy singing - pretty good voice actually.
He was singing "Santa Claus is coming to town."
Just as the man sang, "He knows whose naughty and nice" the man dropped a slab of cantelope on the floor. Without missing a beat, he kicks the cantelope under the bar. . . walks off continuing to sing.
5. Today's paper has an article from London: WikiLeaks founder complains about leak of police report. Dallas Morning News, Dec. 22nd, page 20A. There is a bit of humor in this my way of thinking.

6. I heard on the radio that the national average for Christmas spending is $6900. Read that number again. $6900. Am thinkin' that I am coming in under the national average.
7. Started the Marauder last week and heard a loud flapping noise under the hood. Looked. The belt was still attached but a quarter inch of it lay under the engine. Drove to town to my favorite repair place - a small repair shop run by the ex-ford house mechanic. I drove in and made the deal. We talked. It was 10 a.m. He told me it would be ready in 2 hours; come back. I did. $108 for the repair. Have you ever had a car worked on for $108 in just 2 hours? Remarkable.

8. Reported earlier about Lee Harvey Oswald's casket being up for sale. The guy got over $80K for it. I didn't enter the bidding.

that's enough for this evening.
night all


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