Monday, October 25, 2010

Rice tornado

My wife and I were driving south from Dallas Sunday on I-45. About 10 miles south of Ennis and 10 miles north of Corsicana (home) we came to the town of Rice. All of a sudden the tail lights in front of me came on -- I thought, "Morons, what are you people doing now?
Then I looked up and saw the tornado on the west side of the highway. All of us started pulling over to the side of the road. My wife grabbed our little camera and I started firing shots. I'd guess we were less than a mile from the thing - not sure, didn't get out and measure it.
Attached are photos of course. The thing hit the Rice School - really missed up their stadium and brand new middle school - it was only 3 or so months old. I think it is completely wasted. Some photos show the school.> > If you can look behind the school you will see 4 train cars over - they were yellow auto transports I think. Think tornado took out 5 houses and the school. A big semi carrying an enormous 4 wheel dump truck thing was flipped over on top of a car. That driver was able to crawl out his window.
Yes, it was quite an experience. I have never been so close to a tornado and arrived at the destruction so fast. The county storm chasers were right there and made video which you can see on WFAA or other places. The video is on AOL too.
I am going to try to post my 21 photos with this tonight.

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